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Nursing home patients assaulted; caregiver charged

The "Briarfields" has always been under scrutiny, noted for abuse towards residents and staff. The food served resembles garbage, the care is sublime, the amount of staff is often short-handed and poorly managed. The current corporation running this place in Boardman should be thoroughly investigated for their business practices.This facility should be shut down.No matter how much they to refurbish that dump, it will remain a terrible place to be. All of Briarfield facilities are the same way. Is this a surprise to the community? It's been going on for years!

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Ford will cease Ranger production

Ford should've ceased production of this bomb a long time ago. That little pick-up was a rolling piece of crap.

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Reports of alcohol at Mooney probed

This sort of activity has been going on for years and years, no matter what the celebration in school may be. Sometimes supplied by parents (which of course, is STUPID),or the kids will find a ways and means to get their "hooch" and will continue no matter how much the "community" will be involved and try to "solve the problem".It's been this way for as long as I can remember.

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ODNR rejects linking well to Mahoning Valley quakes

Of course they're going to reject the obvious warning signs, there's money to made in "them thar hills", but "...don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got "til it gone?..."

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Gingrich calls for private retirement accounts

Is this the GOP has to offer? God help us all.

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Boardman chief: Armored truck on duty

Seen that thing buzzing down Market St. the other day; lights flashing, siren blaring... all they need are two officers hanging on the back end of that thing and it's reminiscent to the Keystone Cops! You go get 'em BPD!!! : )

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Obama: Welcome troops with jobs

Hey! Obama! What about the rest of us who has lost a job due to corporate downsizing, been out of work for almost a year or more? Applications filled out, resumes sent in, no response from prospective employers. I for one am very glad to see our troops are finally coming home and wish them all the best in recooperating from a $ wasteful war, but what about the rest of us? Forget us? Maybe we'll forget about you, too, come election time.

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Southbound Route I-680 reopens after accident

There was a doozey of an accident yesterday, mid-afternoon, around the same area. This one in particular, there are many tricky driving spots on this highway.

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Former OSU QB draft eligible, must sit out 5 games

So, this punk wants to play with the BIG BOYS, huh? Can't wait to see them kick his worthless butt!

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Voters approve Boardman police levy

Buckle the ol' seat belts fellow Boardmanites! We're in for a bumpy ride!

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