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Canfield Group Assault

ytownsfinest... The rumor you heard was wrong, one. None of the kids took part in any drinking before the incident (common sense would tell you this because nobody got chared with underage comsumption Einstein). Two, you accusing the Frangopoulos boy of being the "ring leader" is slander, and you don't want that, and he isn't just to let you know. Three, the canfield kid struck the mooney kid first, reading the article and fully understanding it would tell you that one. You're on a date with your girlfriend, and a man comes up punches you, then hits your girlfriend, and takes her purse. Are you going to say too bad, or are you going to run after him and get it back, but don't strick him cause then you're going to get charged, and coming on here and commenting about it without fully knowing the facts makes you look like such a smart, intelligent, intellect. And as for the killing the kid and burrying him, well anybody who reads that would know you're a moron as it is.

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