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Chrysler dealer asks Boardman trustees to save his dealership

Sorry redvert, Bobs dealership is an Elite 5-Star dealership. That means his customer satisfaction scores are in the top 5% nation wide (they are actually in the top 2% from what I've seen posted).

The simple fact of the matter is that Bobs dealership is being railroaded because other dealers don't like not having captive customers.

When I was looking to purchase a Challenger this winter, I was looking for a very specific mix of options. No dealer in the country had 'my' car on the lot, so I decided to order from the factory.

After talking with half a dozen local dealers here in GA, none were willing to do a factory order, they all were trying to force me into buying something off the lot. I finally got fed up and contacted Bob due to his nationwide reputation for customer service.

He got my car ordered and delivered in record time, helped with the financing to get me a great deal on it, and even picked me up at the hotel when I flew in to pick the car up. There's a reason he's in the top 2%.

I'm convinced based on comments from various Chrysler executives that closing down Fredericks is meant to keep people from having an option to buying from their local dealers, and to punish Bob for the business they've lost to him because of their own bad behavior.

As mentioned in another article, Bobs' dealership meets or exceeds (by far) all the required to stay open. The fact that he's being shut down seems purely political and the entire area will feel this loss much more than with any other Chrysler dealer.

The support he's asking for is simply for the township to add their voice to the mix. Given that the Chrysler bankruptcy is government financed, it's not unreasonable for him to ask the local governing bodies to go to bat for him on this.

He's a local businessman with a national reputation, and deserves the support of everyone who's a beneficiary of this. That includes local hotels, taxis, restaurants, etc. who benefit when folks from other parts of the country come to him for their cars.

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Car dealer seeks help to save his business

Bob's dealership has a nationwide reputation for outstanding customer service and satisfaction. So much so that many people (myself included) picked our cars up at Bobs' rather than deal with some of the terrible local dealerships (many of whom are staying) in our home areas.

Bob has sold hundreds of cars to folks outside the area, and all of these people end up supporting the local economy. I flew up from Atlanta to get my car, and in the process spent around $400 in the area (hotel, cab from CAK to Boardman, meals, etc).

Figure 100 folks a year do the same (wouldn't be surprised, there was a guy from Boston doing the same thing when I picked up my car), that's $40,000 to the local economy just based on his reputation alone, not counting what his dealership contributes in taxes jobs, etc. Or counting the million dollar plus expansion he committed to this year. No other dealer in the COUNTRY has the same level of recognition as Fredericks CJD.

It's a truism that you often overlook what's in your own back yard. From some of the comments here that seems to be the case. Let me just say that if Chrysler was smart, they would put Bob Fredericks in charge of managing their dealer network, not trying to eliminate him from it.

If this goes through and Bob has to close his dealership, Chrysler, Bob Fredericks, the Boardman area and car buyers everywhere will have all come out the poorer for it.

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