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Is GOP trying to sabotage economy to hurt Obama?

I've been working for 40 years and I pay more taxes than my boss who inherited the company from his daddy 10 years ago. What a great COUNTRY to live in Jimbob.

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Obama should run scared

Am I truly reading this bull. You, your daddy, your granddad, or great grand...matter-a-fact, all of them together would take a minimum of 7 years to reverse what BUSH did in 8 years. You people actually think one man can create jobs in 3 years? Do you remember what decisions were made prior to BUSH leaving the WHITE house? Wake the hell up.
No one, I repeat, none of the current buffoons running for office will come close to Obama. These post are purely race based. If Obama was white he would be your next coming, just for getting Osama.

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Letson, Hagan say some Valley McCain supporters are racists

Son, you need to walk in another MAN'S shoes for a day!

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Letson, Hagan say some Valley McCain supporters are racists

I'm a dem and I'm voting Rep this time around because I want Sara as heart beat away.

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Wife finds husband shot to death

Has lots of friends and endless relatives. Sgt.Spotleson, please find the perpetrator before we do, else there will be a bloodbath in Youngstown like NO OTHER....

On our way from NY,ATL,CALI,FL

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Man found shot to death on the East Side

This is such a tragedy. John Cotton was not only a loving husband, he was the father of two wonderful young adults. He was also a mentor for many of his family members and friends. His heart was bigger than any man I know. THIS WAS SUCH A SENSELESS COWARDLY ACT. I HOPE THEY CATCH THIS CRIMINAL BEFORE HE DISTROY ANOTHER FAMILIES LIFE.

Cousine Kip...

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