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New duds, new date for Austintown school kids

My children attend public school and we have a uniform dress code. Our uniforms entail black slacks and your shirts has to be collared and it must be black, white or red. The students are aloud to wear turtle necks. This dress code is enforced and it is abided by all of the kids with very little if no arguments.

Last time I checked children were in school for an education and not a fashion show. I think your school system is be very liberable with the dress code. To me this is not really that strict of a dress code.

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Campbell police question three for shooting out car windows in the city

I am going to handle it peacefully but I will be pissed if I have a hard time trading my car

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Campbell police question three for shooting out car windows in the city

Yes it ceses to amaze me why people are so destructive. My vehicle was one of the automobiles that was hit. My car got hit Tuesday night Wednesday morning after midnight. The ironic thing is my automobile was getting traded in on Wednesday. Unfortunately for them I will be seeking restitution. Hopefully I will not have trouble getting it traded or I will seek legal counsel They shot out 3 windows 2 of which are specailly made.

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

Understandably we all have been young before and done something foolish. No one in sthis situation is without fault from the initial contact until the time the altercation disbursed.

What I am tired of hearing about is that these 18 year olds still don't know right from wrong. That is total bullcrap... If these 18 year olds are responsible enough to drive, enlist in the military and even elect a public official they should know right from wrong. You are saying they don't know bette than why in the hell are they out past 11.

Mr. Malvasi is not excused for throwing the first punch however why go to someones house, why pull him off his porch and why not man up and fight one on one. If it were my child you bet your britches I would have been off that porch and kicked some ass. There is nothing worse than a woman going through the change of life.

This has nothing to do with what community these children are from. Mooney students not only come from Youngstown, they also come from Boardman, Poland, Canfield, Struthers and even Campbell. Canfield students aren't infalible but that doesn't mean this kid should have been beaten on his own property. Tresspassing can be defendablle by the owner of the property, For example wasn't there a kid last year in Campbell that shot the young man that tried to break into his house.

If these kids were drinking and developed beer muscles the Canfield police should haver ecognized that andthey should have all been arrested with an additional charge of public intoxication by a minor, an investigation should have been conducted of where this alcohol came from and if in fact they got that alcohol at the said party the homeowners should be charged with delinquency to minors. SO there is an entire can of worms that prosecutors can begin to unrael.

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