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U.S. has right to benefit from Afghanistan’s mineral wealth

What a ridiculous thing to say! "Two countries being cared for by the United States"? "Repayment is not negotiable"? Does anybody else realize how foolish and arrogant this sounds? First of all, it's fair to say that the people of Afghanistan and Iraq never asked for our military and government to "take care of them." If a country invaded the United States, occupied us for eight years, killed thousands of civilians, and then found untapped mineral deposits, would we say that country had a right to develop them without permission, and keep the profit? According to the tone of this article, it sounds like we'd be on our knees thanking them! Are the Afghans supposed to be thanking us for "caring for them"? Again, return to the scenario of another country invading the United States the same way the U.S. military did to both Iraq and Afghanistan; would you be thanking them? Of course not, what would you have to thank them for? The civilian casualties? Their desire to develop resources that don't belong to them? Whoever wrote this needs to do some serious thinking. Or any thinking at all, really. Pretty much anything would be more than whatever it took to throw this article together.

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