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Nuisance order locks up Cell

I've been to cedars, bw3's and the others....they are completely different types of bars. 99% of normal college kids aren't going to want to dance and hang out in those types of places. I've been to the Cell a few times, I didn't see any crazy, insane or illegal activity....i'm older and I can honestly say it's not my sort of bar....but just because it's not doesn't mean I think it needs to be shut down.....i dislike to go to Cedars but I'm not going to come here and rag on the each his own.

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Nuisance order locks up Cell

...and i'm sure most of the fools commenting negatively on The Cell are people who dressed like thugs or actually caused trouble and weren't allowed back in? I'm sure these guys opened up a bar without any ill intentions..yet any bar that opens in youngstown faces the same future. I've seen them come and really is a shame that business can't grow because someone gets a bug up their @##.

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