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Can Rayen Stadium rise again? Officials study $2.6M proposal

I think the stadium would be put to good use, but why does there need to be artificial turf?

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Senate’s 10-year health fix would cost U.S. $856B

I don't want to pay money I earned to treat people who don't take care of themselves when I keep myself healthy.

Why should it cost me money when other people eat too much and have a bad heart or smoke and get lung cancer or don't take care of themselves otherwise?

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Adult businesses in Valley not targeted, police say

They're consenting adults. None of whatever they do spills to the general population.

Besides, someone has to support those girls' educations now the state is cutting college funding.

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Just buy American

I wonder what would've happened if Columbus didn't take a boat ride to make a short cut to Asia in 1492 to trade for their spices.

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Just buy American

Wasn't "buy American" started during WW2 as war propaganda to keep as much money in the country to help us win the war? Back then, that slogan was important and significant to our way of life.

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Youngstown man leads police on a chase through Austintown

If you really really HAD to steal, why wouldn't you do it from a place you weren't warned to stay away from?

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Some people just don’t see the progress GM has made

American Trucks are generally good vehicles because there has been a large profit margin made on those vehicles over the years. Since there's greater profit potential, there's more capital invested in design and marketing. Honda and Toyota don't make comparable vehicles because it isn't in their strategies. The only vehicle close to comparison is the Tundra.

Now that going green is the fashionable thing in the auto industry (something Honda and Toyota have focused on since they've made cars), GM & Ford are light years behind in offering really good & green cars. Ford started to focus on green vehicles earlier this decade, so should it be a surprise they're not bankrupt right now? Ford is at least attempting to look around the corner at what lies ahead.

And I wonder, why are the Camaro & Challenger selling out when slaes are at rock bottom for the rest of the fleets? GM and Chrysler must have done something right for the demand for those cars to be sky high

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Car dealer seeks help to save his business

Help my cars

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Hagan looks to put brakes on 70-mph speed-limit plan

Does this speed increase include the "Bob Hagan Memorial Highway"?

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Graduation policy will stand

There are many tools for preparing for these exams such as study guides, practice tests, and time slots the school districts provide to all children for 5 days a week and 9 months a year called "classes". If the children were to attend and actively participate in these "classes", their chances of mastering subjects at the high school level greatly increase.
Not only do school districts offer these "classes", but they also offer help to students with learning disabilities, as long as the children/families seek help.

Effort goes a long way in the world, even to those who have to try harder.

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