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Pursuing long-term solutions

Not to split hairs with you.
The numbers you are quoting are absolutely correct, at least they were in 2005. These numbers are from a study done in 2007 on fiscal year 2005. These numbers also include ALL federal spending in individual states. Not just public assistance. Federal spending includes, Social Security, Medicare, Federal employee salaries in that state (including military), education, and any other funding the federal government chooses to spend in an individual state. Some states are bigger beneficiaries of federal spending. I would also like to point out that: NM, AK, WV, KY, MO, MD, VT, PA, IN, OH, and RI are NOT right to work states and receive more federal dollars than they put in, while FL, and TX ARE right to work, and recieve less.

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Pursuing long-term solutions

I do not owe my quality of life to anyone but myself. I personally paid more in federal taxes last year, than most people in Y-town make in a year. I blame my problems on the same person I blame for my successes.... me.
You can make the argument personal if you like, and you can argue the welfare state angle all you like, but i do not owe my quality of life to anyone else but me.
My argument was making the point that unions are a necessity of the past, not the future. And people that refuse to accept that are the instrument of thier own demise. In 2010 Raliegh, NC was the 4th fastest growing city in the US. 83% of the people that moved into NC in 2010 came from either Ohio or Michigan. Obviously some people are smart enough to realize where the next economic boom areas will be.

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Pursuing long-term solutions

@ cambridge...
While i agree with your comment about Ohio being a welfare state, I have to disagree with pretty much everything you say.
If the year was 1980, everything you say would be correct, but it is not 1980 anymore. When the economy was ruled by manufacturing and unskilled labor, all your points would be correct. Manufacturing and unskilled labor in the US are gone, and never coming back. The fact is that the southern right to work states have invested heavily in business and technology. Some simple research will show that the top 10 fastest growing states, are right to work states, and the top ten fastest growing cities are in right to work states. Ohio and its surrounding states are stuck in the mentallity of 30 years ago. Technology companies don't like unions, and they will not invest thier money in union dominated states. Texas alone in the last ten years has become the epicenter of the technology industry, surpassing even southern California. I live in VA, a right to work state where the economy is booming, and where the vast majority of homes are above the $500,000 price mark, and they are building hundreds more everyday. Yet I can buy an entire city block of homes in Y-Town for $100,000. The vast majority of military bases are in the south. Don't get me wrong, there are still huge pockets of poverty in the south, but give it another ten years, and all those pockets of poverty will be in the north. The simple fact is, given the direction our economy is headed, the south is kicking our asses, granted, for the first time in history, but make no mistake, it is happening. Unless Ohio, and the other states with the same mentallity can come up with some serious changes in how they do business, they are quickly moving down a path of self destruction. I should note the only state that is the exception to what I have stated here, is Iowa. they have adopted new policies including a 50% reduction in business taxes, and a huge reduction in commercial property taxes, that has turned things around for them.

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Progress tied to US forces

Good article.

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Houses are cheap here

Is this supposed to be a good thing?
Of course houses are cheap. There are now jobs, no economy to speak of, and no money. The median household income is a joke compared to the rest of the country.

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United opposition

It looks like SB5 is about to become law. Keep your fingers crossed for privatization.

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Ohio Senate votes 17-16 to OK SB 5

Well, it looks like this bill will become law.
The only thing to do now is hope for privatization.

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United opposition

I agree with your first comment. If a company took any kind of gov't bail out, anyone in that company receiving a bonus before that money has been paid back, is absolutely ridiculous. If the company did not take a taxpayer bail out. The company is free to give any bonus it feels necessary to any employee.

education_voter: Clearly, I have offended you as a teacher, but I stick by my statement. I do not consider teachers "hard working Americans" or "the backbone of the economy" as some of the posts claim them to be.
Most firefighters are highly trained, but the certifications you mentioned in your post, are not college degrees, and not that difficult to get. Also, the YSU police academy does not constitute a degree either. The only police department in the area that requires a degree for employment is Lordstown. Besides, who wants to graduate college, and then take a job for $24,900 a year? That is the starting salary for a police officer in Youngstown. Another point I was making is that civil service jobs are historically low paying. The pay is not the main focus of SB5, it collective bargaining for benefits.

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Collective thoughts of a taxpayer

Amen ...Amen ....and Amen.
Finally the truth, and not the distorted "facts" that each side likes to throw around.
Keep up the good work Todd

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Bargaining legislation takes us back in time

Every corporation and privately owned business in this country is an "at will" employer. Why should public employees be treated any different that the rest of us?
If you don't do your job well, you get fired. If you excell above your coworkers, you get promoted. That is absolutely fare.
It's always the lazy no good employees that go crying to the union, when they are reprimanded, and continue to get the same raises as the employees that work hard, and build up seniority at the same time.

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