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3 bedroom, 3 bath

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D&L owner charged, workers claim ordered to lie

Charged and convicted are two seperate things. Let's see if he IS convicted of violating The clean water act before accusing cambridge of propaganda. We shall see what his defense lawyers will use to obsolve him of the charges. I hope it is untrue what the lefties have been spreading. Time will tell.... Where's JM08 with all his infinite wisdom on the safe household cleaner that was dumped??

February 15, 2013 at 9:14 a.m. suggest removal

Public outcry continues over Hard Rock's dumping in Youngstown

CNNmoney.com Exxon Mobil 2010 -110 mill federal income taxes paid. Chevron on 9 billon profit - 19 mill. federal income taxes paid. Sure they pay state and local taxes but like I said NO federal income taxes. And I did stretch the subsides it wasn't 8 billion it was 4 billion last year. Sorry for that. I love the old sage of 8 cents a gallon on gasoline. Well those of us "informed" people know there is a ton more to a barrel of oil than gasoline. ole wilbil up there. Put you head in the sand,,, the politicians don't care about you. well heck no, when we don't have near the money they do. Does anybody realize that a billon SECONDS ago Jesus wasn't even walking the earth. These holier than thou oil companies make billions of dollars per month... They bribe (lobby) the regulations away. We can't compete with their money. But we do vote, well some and until the american people get together and put a stop to the exploitation of us there isnt anything we can do. Does anyone else think it's coincidence that once the KOCH bros got the state house and governor that this thing took off.. I KNOW most of this CAN be done safely and most if not all will perform the right way. But profits before people is the new american way. The right wing pie in the sky no regulation doesn't work. Greed is a powerful thing. We all saw that with the deregulation of the banks, that sure worked out for us. Believe me I want my family to be able to raise their family here.I don't want my son to leave the area like I did for 12 years, because there weren't any jobs here. I know I'm completely blessed, to have what I have, because of the oil companies and the manufacturing sector that I support. But this isn't 1955, where everyone could come out of highschool and support their family on ONE income. The power shifted back to the few to the detriment of the many. These dirt bags that we vote in year after year don't have a clue. Like most of the API propaganda shills commenting on here. All they want is the power, money and to get re-elected. We need to hold the corporations, the politicians, and the regulators accountable! If we truly do see this guy fry for this, maybe I won't be so cynical. But again we've been there done that. There are two justice systems in the US these days. One for us and one for them. You have the money,power, and pollute you walk, pass a bad check spend time in the clink. Please don't patronize me with your all the billions spent on pipelines and fractionation plants. Who's building them, who's doing the drilling, not locals, not our local trades ask MCcarls why they lost the bid to build the plant, to the outfit out of Houston. They submitted 3 bids until they finally lost it. But thats what the right wing capitalists want, cheap mexican labor. At least my company hires local trades for work. WE have the GEOLOGY here!!! No amount of reasonable taxation and regulation is going to run them off.

February 8, 2013 at 11:26 p.m. suggest removal

Public outcry continues over Hard Rock's dumping in Youngstown

Taxes to whom.... The US or foreign countries. You are hitting your bullet points perfectly. Again with the marxist rhetoric. We all saw how well the regulators were in the gulf, you remember that don"t you.You remember the drunken evenings, porn all the other stuff the regulators were up to. the falsified documents, the lies.How much working experience do the very few regulators we have that are watching these platform's have?? And I DO work in the industry,have for 16 years, been poisoned by Benzene spent a week in the hospital getting over it, will never get over it. At a refinery in Joliet Il. completely covered up, because they didn"t do HAZOP before we went to work. The thing is they have cut to the bone, productivity is at it's largest it's ever been, you call it common sense I call it complete lack of knowledge. Regulatory environment give me a break, come work the 24 hour shifts with me and see how "safe" of an environment it is. You don't have a clue. you suspect I'm a liberal weenie, but I didn't vote for the fraud in office. I just know how the real world is, not what Fox news tells me. And thank you for thanking me for my efforts providing you warmth. they aren't buzzword's either, they are facts, and they sting when they go against your propaganda

February 8, 2013 at 3:29 p.m. suggest removal

Public outcry continues over Hard Rock's dumping in Youngstown

And all pipelines are 100% safe.Like the one that dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of crude in Michigan. Or the 20" transmission line that blew up and killed the family in WV, last month.Or all the problems BP had in Alaska. or the 2 ruptures my own company had. I too run pipelines and guess how many inspections we do?? None. We are very lightly regulated. all it takes is our word. No misinformation coming from me. I want this thing to go as everyone else does. You definitely have a vested interest in this or you yourself wouldn't be representing all the API propaganda. What we all want is honest brokers here. But the bottom line comes before safety every time. It's cheaper to pay the families killed, maimed, or displaced than it is do it right the first time. As far as cementing, ask the widows in the gulf of mexico how well that cement job and the bop worked out for them... they had regulators there too I believe. leave the propaganda to hate radio. And always tell us how fortunate we are to have the fantastic oil companies there for us, with their 8 billion a year in subsidies, and exactly how much did the whole of the oil corporations pay in taxes last year? Guaranteed my family paid more than they all did to the US combined. Your doing a good job for API. hope you get a bonus this month. Happy to make you guys earn your keep here in the valley....

February 8, 2013 at 2:31 p.m. suggest removal

Public outcry continues over Hard Rock's dumping in Youngstown

JM08_ Don't know if your a paid PR for the API but you sure sound like one. If this stuff is so safe as you say why do all the other states (who ban injection wells)surrounding us bring their poison to Ohio to inject 6000 ft below ground? Why must it be injected so deep if its safe??? I have an idea lets give D&L their permit back to dump this safe household chemical on his lawn, or heck put it in his basement. Yes you are right, this is the fluid we use for the drill lubrication, but do you know the only way to clean this "safe" stuff up off our equipment ??? Diesel, Diesel is used to clean this stuff up. I don't know of too many household cleaners, I use anyway, that I must use diesel next to cut the stuff off with. Hundreds to thousands of gallons of diesel is used to "clean" this stuff away. Please shut off the fox noise and glen beck and all the other marxist rhetoric. This just shows to us in the know how intelligent you really are. All yeah please explain how you can dilute the radiation away???? Yes this guy was an idiot and one bad apple doesn't always spoil the bunch, but there is soo much secrecy in all this. If they just truly let us know what is in this junk some of the hysteria might go away.

As far as your point about the well casings, yes all those liners are there, but if you have a bad cement job it WILL permeate the layers. Do you know about the cement process???Well neither do the rest of us, nor is there any set standard of how to do it. Hallibuton bid's the cement work, they then get the bid for say 15 wells. If you get a good cement guy you have 15 satisfactory wells. You have a clueless cement guy on another block of wells, well then you have 15 unsatisfactory wells. The good news about this, is we've had good cement guys here. We are sitting on the mother load!! The gas companies don't want to screw this up, so we are being more careful than we were in states like WV and LA. You will hear of problems there in the near future... well not LA they are beholden to the industry. All in favor of dumping the chemicals at JMW08 house, say AYE

February 8, 2013 at 1:26 p.m. suggest removal

Public outcry continues over Hard Rock's dumping in Youngstown

For all the faux news shills commenting. The type of fracking going on now is not the same thing we have been doing for over 50 years. The problem is in the casing. If they don't do a good cement job, there WILL be problems. The idiots that say the stuff Is harmless I'd love for them to go take a drink. Why was the halliburton loophole instituted if these chemicals are so safe and "harmless" look it up its there. They are not bound by the clean water and air act. I want prosperity here. But I also want my kids to grow up healthy without tumors. I work in the industrial gas industry I also know what takes place and the answer is not dillution to pollution. The stuff coming out if the ground is filled with horrible VOC's and natural radiation. The idiots that are doing this stuff do have families, not in this area though.... Outta sight outta mind. Gimmie a break with the regulations, they just bribe I mean lobby those away. we'll c if this guy is made into an example. I'm not holding my breath.

February 7, 2013 at 5:10 p.m. suggest removal

Missing teen, adult face charges

ANDREW IS WALKING FREE AFTER POSTING A 100$ BOND. can anyone here explain to me how, you can kidnap a child and only pay 100$. THIS IS A TRAVESTY FOLKS!! YOUR KID COULD BE NEXT!! It might not turn out the same way ours did. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO COVER THIS UP AND LET THE MONSTER GET AWAY!!! WE NEED TO BRING THIS ADULT CREEP TO JUSTICE!!!!

December 8, 2009 at 10:59 a.m. suggest removal

Missing teen, adult face charges

Thank you soo much for your thoughts and prayers. We need all the support we can get right now. Amber alerts are more complicated in getting activated than we thought. Long story there.. But as far as being taken lightly, this has happened to an extreme. The Adult and Sebastian were last heard from Thanksgiving. We were unable to keep tracking them? We have NOTHING on the whereabouts from Thursday. The last we knew they were in Virginia. From there it's cold... Unsure why we were unable to track. The system in place for missing kids is BROKEN. But we are hoping for more help today.. Let's pray these folks will help BRING SEBASTIAN HOME!!! Thank you for your concern

December 1, 2009 at 1:53 p.m. suggest removal

Missing teen, adult face charges

No new news on Sebastian today. It is day 12, he's still missing and the Adult family is still holding the key to his return. Please keep your attention on this until We get Sebastian home and this Adult prosecuted. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers

November 29, 2009 at 8:57 p.m. suggest removal

Missing teen, adult face charges

To help with this kidnapping. Andrew is diabetic and needs his medicine. Mommy went to help her boy.She is in complete denial. They have obstructed from the beginning. Even with video tape surveillance of them together at the Hermitage Wal mart. They still say Andrew has nothing to do with it. And this 14 year old child is on his own. They have family member's there. The adult and Sebastian may be there with them. There are more questions than answers surrounding this family.

November 28, 2009 at 9:11 p.m. suggest removal



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