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Frost III to succeed father as Austintown fire chief

great choice, why look all over the nation when you have someone with A+ qualifications already there. Andy III has not only proved that during his career but also has knowledge that an outsider would take years to acquire. excellent choice. the citizens of Austintown should be proud.

despite gdogs stupid accusation and atown's equally stupid comment

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Group forms in Ohio to push tax increases for rich

i love reading the comments from the conservative nincompoops on this papers comment section. its hard to believe you can find that many stupid people living in one area. most with no jobs, no health care and no money fighting tooth and nail to protect the people who get richer every day while the rest of us become poorer. brainwashed fools who have convinced themselves they are not in the 47% Mitt Romney was talking about because they vote republican.

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Obamacare prompts YSU to cap hours for faculty

the funniest part of these wing dings comments is most of them dont have jobs or healthcare and are so dumb they have let the shepherd party convince all the sheep that free health care is evil

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God sends a message to the GOP

thanks hman, its people like you that will be sure to keep the democrats in control, just as they should be

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God sends a message to the GOP

well kurtw the fact the valley's democrats outnumber republicans and independents shows there may be hope for the mahoning valley yet. and no one cares what you agree or disagree with your opinion means about as much as those dead fish you want to use your paper to wrap

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After hard-fought win, Obama vows 'best is yet to come'

its sad that so many conservatives cannot be gracious in defeat and have no clue that its going to take either bipartisanship or voting out every republican in congress to accomplish the things our country needs badly. it astounds me how blind and ignorant people can still be in the 21st century

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Youngstown, suburbs sealed Obama’s big victory

its comforting to know that there are intelligent voters in the mahoning valley, not just these pea brained ignoramus buffoons that post their right wing nonsense on every single political article the vindicator publishes.

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Obama-Romney showdown slugfest on Libya, women, China

i love how when people know they are pulling for an idiot that can never win. they love to bombard these comments with posts so utterly ridiculous and stupid it makes you wonder if cavemen still exist.

the herd followed the wrong ass again. romney got owned like there was no tomorrow and you all know it

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Both parties 'messed' up, Ryan tells Youngstown crowd

well even the people up here in wisconsin think ryan is an imbecile and a poor choice for vp. but of course they arent as smart as the rocket scientists that reside in youngstown

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What were young voters thinking?

walter sobchack? please dont use winston churchills good name to try and justify being conservative. He would have considered the the GOP no better than the Nazi's

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