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slammingqueenbee (anonymous) says...

I've been a resident in Campbell most of my life...other than the high water bills... and the acts of violence that have been recently taking place...I love the city of Campbell...It takes a whole community to raise good and respectable children...we need to watch our neighbors' children more and if they are doing something, that you as an adult know is wrong...alert their parents to what they are doing...I know, your probably saying it not your responsiblity to raise someone else's child...but if you choose not to don't dip your hands or your voice in! That child's hand might take the life of your loved one...and it'll be your voice crying out for the lost of your loved one! May the Good Lord comfort all those who lost someone due to the acts of violence!

August 10, 2010 at 9:41 a.m. reply suggest removal