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Youngstown man caught tailing officers

fed up.. Your still a crazy person even if your not Ludt!!! You need to seek help as well!!

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Youngstown man caught tailing officers

Just read the article and some of the comments and rights or no rights this man is scary.... People like Ludt in the world only cause terror in the community... If they are obsessed this much about one circumstance there is no telling what they can and will do... And it starts with your building, get over the past move on with your life!! Sorry your life had problems in it, but everyone has problems! Grow up and let it Go!!

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LeBron fan taunted for wearing Heat jersey at Indians game

i was there... this guy had no business wearing that jersey to the game, what he think was going to happen? He thought he was going to be funny but Cleavland fans are the worst ever and kept pouring beers on the kid and his girlfriend even when the police were helping them out of the stadium. His girlfriend started throwing punches and was very enertaining. They didnt get kicked out the got helped out so they didnt end up beaten

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Police target more in courthouse melee

stan you are more than likely a black jewish woman

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Bouncer robbed downtown

stan you are more than likely a black jewish woman

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Police target more in courthouse melee

I try not to be racist but its the truth.... ytown gets its bad rep because the majority of its residents race.... it is what it is and its not the kids at fault its generation after generation showing no love and respect to their children

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Roethlisberger expected to be suspended 4-6 games

bottom line if he was black and gay like kordel stewart he would not have recieved a suspension....

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Could Pavlik headline at Cowboys stadium?

I heard standing room only.....?

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Hagan hurt in assault in café

First of all, I was down there right after this happened. He walked out of the bar under his own power, in my opinion the only reason why the ambulance was called was his wife would not stop screaming to press charges. She demanded that an ambulance take her husband away so it would more validate pressing charges. Looking at him he seemed fine if he was truly hurt his wife should have been more concerned with his health than pressing charges that very instance.

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Wellington puts officer on paid administrative leave

Human officers would have been a better choice.... Tax payers money goes into feeding the k-9 dogs, this money should be used for more useful things... Nice comment Stan Throw them all in jail!!!!

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