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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

yet some loser who is so determined these people have no lives takes the time out of his apparent "life" to read and comment on the very page he criticizes. ironic, is it not? lol

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Teenagers charged in assault plead innocent

Wow. I am not the least bit surprised by the lack of maturity of the adults in this community. The anger you have all built up inside according to your tendentious opinions is amazing. Yes, both sides were in the wrong, but how many times have kids gotten in fights?!? Have you all forgotten what it is like to be in high school? No matter where you go, private or public, teenagers will fight. You all get so wrapped up in who is the better parent and who sends their child to the better school, why don't you just worry about correcting the conflict at hand? This petty argument only worsens the situation. It's about time you be a role model for your children and stop judging people because of where they go to school, how much money they have, or what community they preside. Praise the Lord nobody was seriously injured!!! End of story.

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