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Manhunt for Canfield teacher's killer

also for all you people that say she didn't prepare enough that morning... since you were there and watched how she didn't protect herself why didn't you help her?? oh wait!! you weren't there! you don't know what she did, how she lived or what she went through. stop judging the poor woman!

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Manhunt for Canfield teacher's killer

i don't know why i read these comments. so many of them make me mad. if one more person says she should have had a gun i am going to scream. your guys are so right, totally her fault, she should have carried a gun. it is such a smart and legal thing to take a gun to a high school everyday where a student can get it. i am sure that is the right thing to do. even if she owned a gun it would have been left in her home for those reasons and would have done her no good that morning. god forbid anything ever happens to some one you love and you have to read about how it is their fault they were murdered because they didn't protect themselves better. you should be ashamed of yourself. walk in someone's shoes. my thoughts are with her daughter. i hope she is able to find peace through all this. such a shame that their are sick people in this world. and such a bigger shame there are people that actually can't see that.

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