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GM says Volt to get 230 miles per gallon in city

Give me a break people and quit whining. This is a step towards reduction on foreign oil dependency which will in turn make the gas prices drop in the long run, considering that there are a lot of people that would pay that price for a car. Once the technology is out there, you know every single car company is going to copy it, and there will be 10 different models at half the price.

Think about how many people you see driving the trendy new cars even around here, then think globally how many people would jump at this opportunity. I think this is a wonderful demonstration that American engineering and industry can, and will make a comeback. So buck up, and enjoy the success for a change. I'm just happy to see that our taxpayer dollars are actually making them put their nose to the grindstone, and that the headline didn't read "breaking news in Japan"

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Man: Pavlik hit me at bar

I just love how this random guy is talking about "fighting outside" with the middle weight champion of the world. sounds like someone has an ego problem

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Library branch closing worries Chaney

Great, just close another building on the west side. How about just repairing it?

So instead of educating our youth, just board up another building and watch it rot, take away their place of study.

The Youngstown area needs more focus on educating our youth so that they don't make the same mistakes that have happened that dragged this area down so far in the first place. Take away the library and you're throwing away the area childrens future.

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Repairs to New Road to be finished by July 4

geez it's about time. I was starting to think new road would never open again

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What would the Bull Moose be saying?

Once again embarrassing himself with minimal tact or intelligence, "bertram de souza" (no capitalization since he has no importance or significance to this Earth...) manages to make himself look like more of a complete ass not only to Mahoning County, the Hanni family, but the world. I'm so sorry that you feel the need to pick on people that aren't even capable of knowing that some little jerk is writing their pathetic little articles about them. Once again, the only person that should be insulted or embarrassed should be you. Congratulations, you're indeed the biggest joke of Youngstown, and for thanks for the great laughs! Keep burning the midnight oil moron, we could all use more toilet paper.

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Don L. Hanni Jr.'s home remedy

I can't believe what I just read. You must have no respect whatsoever for ailing people, and what reason do you have for such condescending rubbish? What has inspired such ignorance towards Don anyways? I hope you realized how many people you just pissed off with your meaningless drivel. You're the lowest of them all

I say we petition to get this jerk off the Vindicator staff before he embarrasses himself any further.

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