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Thank You so much for your kind words. Shannon's Family

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Austintown woman injured in Wednesday motorcycle accident dies

I am Shannon's mother and this message goes out to reggie who ever you are. I am sick of the crap you are posting about my daughter and her so called boyfriend/bob. Bob hasn't been in Savannah's life since she was about a year old. HE IS A DEAD BEAT DAD!!!! in for a rude awaking he is not dealing with Shannon anymore He is dealing with me!!! Shannon's Mother!! You are a 56 year old dumb granddaughter at 15 has more sense then you. I am 59 so if you are comparing age with intelligence I guess that makes me smarter than YOU!!! Keep your comments to yourself. I have no interest in what you have to say. Keep your nose out of my family's bussiness. Your heart goes out to Bob Huh!! What a joke the ass hasn't even paid child support. And quit posting crap on one cares what you have to say. My daughter has raised Savannah for 15 years with no help from bob How about giving her the credit she deserves!! Mind your own bussiness!!!!

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