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Youngstown's homicides spike

@leelee believe when I say his death had nothing to do with the criminal record that clinged to his name. I do understand why it is important to mention about him having a previous criminal record. But I do not believe it is important to make the WHOLE story based off his negative past. Once again he was the victim.

And @leelee how can you be reassured about a "reckless serial killer" if he is dead?! Unless your talking about Dion's killer. And I concur with you and life2short about Karma. "Sad, but truth" is nothing but the truth :-(

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Youngstown's homicides spike

It amaze me how people are quick to judge....especially the ones who sits on their deron and put their one cent worth opinion on the internet. Now, when have anyone heard of Youngstown having Black leaders??? I will wait for it *sarcasm* I wonder why Youngstown does not have any Black Leaders.... I'll wait for this answer!

See the "system" label majority of black leaders as "rebels, afrocentric and etc" but non-people of color as listed as "patriotic" so that alone will decrease the blackleaders.

Now onto the staff who wrote this non-professional article.Please inform me why it is needed to show his criminal records (@middlefinger you have to be the biggest hermit....tsh,tsh how sad!) I could had sworn that he was the victim? I believe if people paid attention to the news they knew what he cause. *next time write "the victim had a lengthy criminal record, the most noticable act involve a deceased victim (name) who was (specific incident)"

The police knew the same day who was the shooter, the neighborhood told that same day. See the thing is our police dept is most definitely not up to par......period! The victim who was stabbed was the one who instigated the whole cause. Now I believe that was b.s to whoop off in that girl's deron....but life goes on.

I really believe that everyone who KNEW Dion Weatherspoon PERSONALLY knew this day would come. The black community is well aware of Karma. What non-people of color LOVED to give credit to Newton's third law.

I will say it loud until the day I die "let black people know their true history" see the thing is that black people only knows about America after the Europeans settled. That is not black people history. And please tell the truth of what happened in the "dark ages" in Europe.

See the blacks in America needs to know their history so there can be evolution with this specific culture. So therefore ALL human species can continue to evolve into mankind's next chapter. I find it quite hilarious that most people on this site have an opinion but THAT'S ALL!

Maybe instead of giving our opinions we can start a group amongst us (who loves giving our opinions.) We can focus specifically on the youth first because they are the next generation. Get well known people surrounding this area to endorse certain activities for the youth and their families members. I would love to help people (no matter what their culture is) period and would be willingly to put my words to action. Seriously I would love to help and we should start a group since we havee nothing else to do except give our opinions.

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