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Words, maturity lacking at finish

With the locker rooms right there with the restrooms, it was a matter of timing for what could be heard, but still heard all the same. Ronfi07, you should read the tweets from this sports writer. Very unprofessional to say the least.

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Words, maturity lacking at finish

To everyone:
I can appreciate your posts on here. I am having a hard time trying to sort out this article and the foundation of it all. But, at last I did figure it out. On Twitter, Mr. Connelly tweeted the whole game, except for one little hiccup with the excitement from the Auburn/Alabama game. In the tweets, NOT ONE NEGATIVE REMARK, which I did check for. In the first article written on 12/1/2013, Mr. Connelly wrote a pretty good article depicting the game and outcome. On 12/2/2013, this article was published. So is this a retaliation from the Athens Messenger article written by John Arkley? If so, maybe you just lost your credibility within your own community.... As John Maxwell explaines, you cannot have 50% integrity/credibility, you cannot have 95%, you either have it or you don't. Sounds like you need to reevaluate what you stand for. Check out JJHuddle even back as far as October 19, 2013 and see the kind of man you just wrote about. Sad to say the least.

As far as the Mohawk's let me educate everyone as to why our boys did this. Kish's (#5) mother Amy, who is a wonderful person beat breast cancer. Amy Kish kind of mothers ALL THE BOYS ON THIS TEAM AND LOVES THEM ALL IMMENSLEY. During the breast cancer game, they all got Mohawk's and dyed them pink to represent their love and compassion for everything Amy has done for them and for our community. The term Mohawk mafia was coined, only after breast cancer month ended and the boys grew accustomed to showing support for their community so they dyed them red. They visit folks from our area who are in nursing homes, and visit little children in their home. They walk down the halls of our elementary school every Friday when they are released, just to give high-fives and encourage kids to be the best they can be. So as you can imagine knowing the Mohawks originated for high school boys showing support for a mother of a player who beat breast cancer is something we pride ourselves in. Next time you see something as out there as the Mohawks, maybe instead of calling names (which should have been stopped at age 3-4), consider the meaning is far greater than your understanding.

It was a good game, right to the very last second. This article has seriously taken away from the accomplishments of BOTH schools making the playoffs this deep. I am saddened that you allowed a man of little reputation get you to write an article of this ridiculousness.

Again, I do thank the people who are understanding of this article.


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Words, maturity lacking at finish

You can check out this article to know the feelings of what Andy Hake feels he suffered was far less compared to that of high school boys he ridiculed and said nasty remarks to.... remarks such as calling high school muppets with Kool-Aid, ragamuffins, and even remarked loud enough to our coaching staff and captains to hear him scream at his team if they lose to these Kool-Aid Muppets, he is quitting tomorrow and handing in his keys. Andy cussed at our coaches, and this article is very interesting in that it is NOT okay for us to wave a tomcat fan at the 50 yard line after the win and getting to go to the championship, but it is okay for Andy to jump in snow after a ballgame. Shame on him for celebrating after his win when the other team is around. Sounds to me like he is classless and the fact that SCC people was commenting on his nastiness.
I hope you and Andy get it right soon. As I stated in the email, find me at the State Championship Game and I will buy you a coffee and we can have a good conversation.

Oh, and let me mention one of the assistant coaches bashing Trimble at the State wrestling meeting. I wonder if he knows he picked a good buddy to Trimble. CLASSLESS!


Shelly Lackey

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