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Kennel owner going to jail for starving dogs

What a tragedy. Living in Washington, I just found out about this article ans if I knew then what I knew now,I would have reported him years ago. I bought a protection dog from Mr. Croley and the dog arrived by plane painfully thin. Every vertabra on his back was showing along with all of his ribs. When I questioned Mr. Croley about my dogs thin condition, I was advisded by Mr., Croley this is to keep them in top workiing condition, no extra stress on joints when attacking etc.. I did not leave my dog in that condition, but now, I wish I would have reported him to the proper authorities. Then he had a up and running successful dog buisness and look at him now. I wish he could have received a stiffer sentence and I am glad to see the community outraged over this and I hope that a stiffer law is passed for people like him.

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