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Nitro died from Croley’s long-term neglect, suit says

I think it is appalling that the sentence Croley received was so minimal...I truly hope this lawsuit will make the community understand the lack of compassion and rights for animals. They were denied everything that Croley should have stood for and NOW HE MUST PAY! Good luck Liz with your won't bring Nitro back but hopefully it will be a start in making kennel operators responsible for the lives of pets we put our trust in.

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Former Youngstown kennel owner sued over dog’s death

Hopefully with a jury trial, the real truth will come out and this man will get his true day in court.
Also Nitro's owner will get to express their anger at what has happened and the truth told. I know the money can not bring Nitro back but the satisfaction of seeing this man truly held accountable for his action..non actions...need to
happen in an open court.
Good Luck Liz! You deserve your day to be heard!

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Ohio’s in line for stricter laws against animal abuse

Pets have rights too and it is about time Ohio gave it to them.. they can not speak and Ohio needs to put things in perspective to make sure that nothing like this Croley case is ever experienced again. Make the laws so severe, there is no mistake in anyone's mind it is murder plain and simple and will be punishable as such. Give a voice to animals Ohio and make a difference to how our animals are treated.
This is the 21st Century....get out of the past...

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