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Youngstown school district needs strong guiding hand

I have a couple of solutions. The state should take the administration from one of the performing urban schools and transfer to Youngstown....wait, can't do that. There isn't one. Second solution, take the administration from a superior school and let them lead the Youngstown schools to perform as well as their home school district...say from Poland, Canfield, or any of the others. And I'm sure the State Department of Education is worried. They have set Youngstown on an unattainable goal.

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Poland schools face loss of up to $1.3M in state aid

Teachers are making an insane salary...are you kidding. I am a teacher with almost 40 years of service. I have my masters (which cost me over $10,000) plus an additional 30 hours of graduate school. (haven't added up that cost) Both my son and daughter, who have no college degrees and less than 10 years of experience, make more than I do. Now, that is insane.

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Recovery plan may strike teacher rights

DonJJ, They don't have to strike because the AMA has such a powerful lobby that they are able to manipulate the legislature to benefit them. Among all of the professions that require a degree, teaching is one of the poorest paid according to research posted on the MSNBC website.

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Recovery plan may strike teacher rights

If the teachers are professionals they shouldn't need a union!? Has anyone ever heard of the AMA...the American Medical Association? One the most powerful associations (replace union in all but name) of all time. Ever heard of a doctor losing his license except in the most extreme of cases.

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Austintown opens to nondistrict pupils

Austintown's BOE have methodically been destroying Austintown schools starting with the hiring of Hauer. This last step is one more nail in the coffin of a once,really great school district. This man cares nothing about Austintown or the Austintown School District. He would have been long gone if any other district would hire him. At least they have learned from Austintown's serious mistakes. I have never voted against a school levy until he was hired. I will never vote for another one as long as he is making decisions for the ASD.

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