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Cortland dust-up: ‘Adam and Steve’ message in front of church leads to hundreds of comments on Facebook

If the church had posted a saying against robbery, rape, murder, or pedophilia and the people who did not have a problem with those things defended it, does it make those things right? Are those people not welcome in the church? I am sure they are welcome. Church is for sinners not for saints. Just because the majority of people do not have a problem with something does not mean that that something is ok. It only means that the majority of the people do not have a problem with it. History is littered with examples of the majority doing what it felt was ok to do, even though others knew it was not.

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Post office drops service

A one day notice? That does not sound correct. If it truly was a one day notice then shame on the post office!

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2 plead not guilty in Campbell water theft

Sounds like these two guys may be pawns in a bigger game. The people using them as such should be ashamed of themselves.

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Ohio Supreme Court to weigh repeat execution attempt

Don't waste our time or money.

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Hawaii man gets probation for making son walk 1 mile

The courts love to stick their noses where they do not belong! The problem is that they can and do do this and nothing stops them from it.

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Mancini, Rozzi marry on beach

Congratulations Ray and Tina! Glad you both have found happiness.

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austintown Trustees discuss nuisance properties, fireworks

I will only charge $450 per lawn and will cut 10 a day instead of the 2 the township cuts. That will be 8 more lawns per day cut, which would be about 720 more in a summer. This, done at a savings of $50 per lawn, would equal a savings of $45,000 over the summer! The best part is that I would take in $405,000 in income over the 3 month summer! (If I could ever collect.)

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Chaney to see fifth principal in five years

If it is, we deserved what we got!

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Beatrice Hudson, 100, wears heels to dialysis

Beatrice's following comment leads me to belive she is one of those racist Republicans, everyone knows that black people living in the South could never have a "good live".

But despite the challenges, Beatrice, who celebrated her 100th birthday March 31, said: “Life was good in those times.”

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McDonald man banned from subbing after spanking incident

I believe that most people have enough common sense to know that properly spanking a child, when it is needed, is the correct thing to do. Most every comment here attests to that. With that being said, why in the world are we letting the government and schools do what they are doing? We are the people in charge, not them, and these are our kids not theirs. Why is everything now backwards? The fault is ours, not theirs.

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