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I did not know I had alcohol in my system. I am going through a divorce and stayed up to late. I never drink and drive. I love how canfield makes it out to be, I have a 18 year old son that this is also effecting.

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Canfield mom charged child endangering, OVI

Clearly the people that come on here to just state your opinion have nothing better to do with their lives other than sit at home and collect unemployment and blow it on drugs, that's the majority of people on this post. the other few are just curious news goers, but its typical canfield area people to be sticking the stuck up noses up other peoples business. The vindicator should be sued and prosecuted for the full name, and address of the lady who did this. If the lady was worried about getting her kids to school and they were late obviously she isn't close to being a bad person at all. So why are you people so fast to jump to conclusions about someone you probably don't know? Grow up and get a job or a life you group of losers. Why would the lady call the cops on herself if she would have known she was intoxicated? end of rant

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