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Mooney, Struthers contest pits storied team against Cinderella winner

Pointless argument? Was against and ruled to be against the rules..Violations and took a future standout no matter where he goes..But been going on for years and just like everything else in this county seems normal because of it..

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State Controlling Board will take up Medicaid expansion

about time someone votes with their own conscience and not party..

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Boardman supervisor of transportation ticketed for OVI

I found it very sad that the superintendent thought he should keep his job. Should be a job breaker, he is transportation supervisor. sad

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Marathon bombing suspects had been on welfare

that is really sad ,, he got to stay home and learn how to make bombs to kill innocent people while we all paid for him..Only in America.

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Tim Ryan, Andrea Zetts wed in NYC

Sounds like a Camelot marriage.. Should be interesting or a soap opera at best. Anyway Good luck to the newlyweds, many happy yrs.

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Sen. Portman says politics played no factor in his vote

Seriously can we defend these voting against? Other than big money makes no sense.. I don't care what party they call themselves and neither should anyone else. Has money taken over our democracy? seems

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Struthers mayor, council clash over resolution honoring businessman

I agree with the Mayor on this one, as a life long resident of the city. Looks like a junkyard in the middle of a residential area.

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Strike at Allied Waste continues

Those people have a legitimate grip..One man drives the truck and gets the trash.. all while the truck is running. Seems very unsafe to me..i watch my kids very close when the truck comes..

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Juvenile dead, man arrested for murder in Struthers

as a resident of Struthers,, i am very concerned about the drug activity in Struthers and surrounding communities..What concerns me is the mother sticking up for this suspect.. Unbelievable..poor child

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Betras targets errant Dems

I agree with Dave Betras 100% . The party and the unions should of been behind the democratic candidate for judge from day one.. Mark Hanni would of been a good judge and good representative of the democratic pary..As a union member i didnt understand the shun by some unions.

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