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sassy (anonymous) says...

This was a clear case of racial profiling. This cop is a racist pig. My son, who is white as a sheet of paper, plays with these boys throughout the year when visiting his grandparents who live across the street. Mr. and Mrs. Simmons are both professionals and have raised these boys to say yes maam and no maam. If the cop would have noticed how they were dressed and just asked some basic questions,he would have realized how stupid his assumptions were. He overreacted to the point of making me think he has a mental defect at some level. I have never taught color to my son.More people should try this in their own homes. My son is often invited to Soccer and Football games and an a shopping trip or two with this family. They are lovely people.Pointing a loaded revolver at 10,9,and 7 year olds is completely unacceptable. He should be fired!

March 31, 2010 at 12:41 p.m. reply suggest removal