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“Stuck” in Ohio

Since you're too lazy to do your own research I went to the page for you...

STUCK IN OHIO?​​​If you are reading this because you saw one of our stickers and thought it was a gimmick by us to make a cheap buck, we encourage you to read on.​​​Don't let the name fool you......WE MAKE VIDEOS!Stuck In Ohio Productions is a video production company based in Northeast Ohio. We are heavily influenced by the music and action sports culture, however, we are not solely limited to these categories and are constantly striving to broaden and enhance our skill set.  Even though our surroundings are not ideal for the cultures we are involved in, we take pride in where we are from.Our name is meant to relate to everyone within this great state, and our stickers and merchandise are just another way for others to express their feelings about where they are from.  Whether you're here by circumstance and wishing you were somewhere else, or you have gone out and looked for greener pastures and found that life here is not all that bad.  No matter what side of the coin you are on, our goal is to capture and promote the passion that individuals here have for their craft, and for this state.

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“Stuck” in Ohio

Wow could you be anymore ignorant on the subject? Yes Kim you are being to negative and whinny because you have no idea what you are talking about! I would think working for Vindy you might actually do a little research before offending some of your fellow ohioans.This production team isn't slamming on Ohio they embrace it! I proudly sport my stuck in ohio decal... in fact I think I'll go buy another right now.

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