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Labor of love comes to end

Their work is incredible!! my mother in law used them about a year ago to recover her couch, loveseat, and chair. by the way, the furniture is over 50 years old!!! impeccable service!!! God bless and thank you for your awesome work.

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Bishop Murry cites ‘firsts’ of new pontiff

Let us pray a prayer of thanksgiving that he may be a great leader of the catholic church instead of correcting the paper.

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Sentencing due for woman who left baby in box


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Suspect flees Youngstown police, hides under North Side porch

This punk will never learn his lesson. Wasn't bad enough the first time at 16, then all the years after that. Oh, by the way, did I mention he spent 6 years behind bars for running over and killing my father on his motorcyle. Rot in there you bastard!!!

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Police arrest man after drug raid at South Side home

Aren't they all????? ha

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Protester: Chick-fil-A CEO crossed line by supporting hate group

whitesabbath you are crazy LMAO!!!!!

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Protester: Chick-fil-A CEO crossed line by supporting hate group

IslandMike I love it!! I work with similar people who "preach" the Lord all the time and then throw rocks and hide their hands. Love who you love. Black, white, straight or gay, I have all of them in my family and love them equally. My mother always said.....don't say a word if it's not coming out wisely or nicely. Alot of readers should take that advice, And by the way, I chose my words wisely.

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Joe Paterno dead at 85

Terrible loss in history. God bless the family.

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Store workers held hostage in Liberty

Agree totally with you Stan. These PUNK ASS so called men are going to do just that. And as far as them calling those ladies b---hes, maybe they were raised by Daddy calling Mommy that so this is all they know!!! I hope they were on camera and were caught. I haven't read any updates. Whitesabbath, I am also agreeing with your comment. Store managers need to have a weapon in their store for the employees. I myself have spoken to some Family Dollar employees who have told me their chain of stores is terrible to work for and has no consideration for employees. When it comes down to my life, take whatever you want for your THUG LIFE and leave the door. That store is not worth their lives and neither is the job!! Now ...these ladies will need counseling and Family Dollar needs to pay for it. Period.

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