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WilliamSwinger (anonymous) says...


I wanted to share something with you after reading one of your comments about no WMD in Iraq. I agree with you that the mainstream media reported there were no WMD and that narrative was never reversed. I believed, as you do, that there were no WMD in Iraq. So here is my story. Last summer I was at a facility for something involving a nuclear reactor. I had to be trained on safety and handling practices for nuclear materials. The person that trained me, I came to find later, was part of a civilian contractor team that oversaw the collection, packaging and transport of yellowcake uranium out of Iraq from 2003 until he stopped working overseas in 2010. The job was to collect fissile materials, package them and ship them to a processing facility in the US. I came to know him personally and spoke with him many times. His story to me was that they collected and shipped innumerable tons of yellowcake uranium they collected from various sites in Iraq, back to the US. His words to me were "I lost count of how many tons. Tens of thousands of tons, maybe hundreds. Planes and planes and planes full of the stuff." This individual still has very high security clearance and still works in the most secret, most advanced nuclear processing facility in the world, which is located in Tennessee. I, and no others, have any reason to doubt anything he said. What I ask you to consider is this: the media does not always know or tell the truth, especially if it does not fit their narrative. I have personally spoken to an individual that saw tens of thousands of tons of yellowcake uranium in Iraq and helped collect, package and send it to the US for processing. Iraq had no nuclear power plants. The most like scenario for them using the uranium was in making "dirty bombs" that would simply spread the yellowcake around like a poison. But, Iraq was pursuing the development of enrichment equipment that would have allowed them to boost the uranium to nuclear weapon levels after some development.

Either way, the whole WMD thing became a much more complicated issue for me after talking to this guy. Maybe we just weren't allowed to know. Who knows. But WMD stuff was there in Iraq. It is in Tennessee now, maybe.

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