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Cardinal Mooney conquers ’Cats

Someone who makes stupid comments and most notably can't even use proper spelling(keugene), would never understand that Mooney is a better team because of coaching and fundamentally sound athletes. They continually put their programs at a higher standard by playing better teams and preparing their athletes to adapt to better competition. Nobody sees the open enrollment situation that should allow the other schools an endless supply of talent for FREE...It all comes down to coaching and making use of what talent you have, (which is a PROVEN fact).

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Mooney wins 24-14, advances to state championship game

How can all these morons talk about recruiting, when Boardman, Fitch, Harding, and many more teams get all the "new kids" from other communities, and noone says anything about that? Get your head out of your butts and give credit where it's due. The BEST athletes want to play for the BEST schools. Do you losers think that Mooney and Ursuline would want to lose their program by recruiting? Look at what they have to lose...especially with all the jealous idiots watching their every move. Be proud of our local acheivements and see what the Mooney/Ursuline grads do for this community, alot more than the cry babies that have nothing better to complain about the "winners" in our town.

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