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Kelly Pavlik faces civil lawsuit in 2015 shooting

So a known jackass whos latest act of jackassery is to shoot a guy for the fun of it leads you guys to attack the victim.There's something wrong and I suspect its that you are empty headed morons. One must be to equate modern pellet rifles to "BB guns". There are people in their graves because of .177 air rifles. And I know darn well you all would be suing too.

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Trump will be Trump

Is there anybody here that is looking at an estate tax problem? Call your attorney, the estate taxes are easily defeated. And, does anyone know how much is exempt under federal tax law? Most people pay nothing. While you are talking about the issue-do you know the amount it takes for the tax to even kick in?

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Trump will be Trump

I quit trying to tell Republicans anything. I know that they know that pressing that "R" lever had nothing to do with the crash of '08. I can't stand HRC. But if Trump invaded hell I would make a favorable reference to the devil.

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Trump will be Trump

Trump is a mad man.He is, potentially, the mad man with his finger on the button that thinking people have feared for 70 years. I wonder if his supporters ever went to school. I wonder if he had a mother.

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Bill Clinton’s brother Roger accused of DUI in California

Rodger Smodger-who cares. Bill,however just gave this life long Democrat a lesson though. Toast dont vote.

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OAKHILL CASE | No prison time for Yavorcik; five years probation

Listen up!!-the Judge exercised wisdom you posters here cannot hope to understand. But keep commenting on everything.

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Martian Man is on the button

Maybe hard work makes him valuable to the township. He writes their grant requests doesn't he? Clearly $80k is more than the writer of this article is worth to the Vindicator.

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Yavorcik took a risk in fighting charges in Oakhill case and lost

If you really want to screw a guy, just get him into politics

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UPDATE | John Dellick in jail; linked to report of gun found at hotel

It takes some really cold people to continue to target a family after it is revealed that they are dealing with a mental illness and suicidal thoughts. The system will do its job the best it can as it does in every case. It is not up to you to judge them or to swing the lash. It is not this mans parents that are the despicable ones on parade here.

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Oakhill prosecutors: Tapes don't exist

But is was a prosecutor that first said there were 2000 hours of tape!

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