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Has the Youngstown Playhouse seen its final curtain?

I have to agree with left and seriously here. Where are the financial records? Where's the accountability? We keep hearing that the neighborhood is the problem, but come on, as a lifetime area resident, I know that that neighborhood has been a problem for more than 20 years. Lots of fingerpointing. No real answers.

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Billboard ladies keep Christ in Christmas

You're right, dmets, I don't get the point of the signs, but I do respect your opinion. I've read many of your posts, and you seem to make thoughtful comments. I agree with the point of commercialization, but isn't spending $6000 to advertise Jesus also a kind of commercialization?

I don't blame the "billboard ladies;" this kind of misguided approach to spirituality is too much a part of the current culture. I do believe the ladies had good intentions, but I also believe that they, like so many others, have been led to believe that saying one is Christian as loudly as possible equals spreading the good word. It doesn't. Talk is meaningless without action. These billboards are just talk and expensive talk at that.

I do believe strongly that these signs don't follow the teachings of Christ as I understand them, however, I will not comment further.

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Billboard ladies keep Christ in Christmas

These signs don't remind or encourage us to "make a positive impact." They don't say, "remember to donate to charitable organizations," or even "visit your local house of worship." If they did, then an argument could be made for their helpfulness to the community. Right now, they are the spiritual equivalent of hanging a "Steelers Country" banner.

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Activists open gay meeting center

I've been watching this thread, and I had to point this out. Did anyone else notice that Stan has hit the 300 comment only five months? He's made, I'm guessing, more than 20 on this thread. He's not going to stop posting that exodus link. Keep on fighting if you want to, but clearly, the man has all day. LOL. I know this because Stan and I mixed it up on a thread a few weeks ago, and he actually waited for me to click on one of his links and then posted a comment acknowledging my "uptick" when I did. This is the stuff of stalkers and people with serious obsessive personality disorders. I say ignore the hulkster and get on with your lives.

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about THE billboards Locations and how to donate

These billboards have gotten a great deal of Vindy coverage. I can understand running a feature on some well-meaning women who clearly have the priorities in the wrong place, but to run another article soliciting donations? Really? This is news?

I agree with MBZ, give your money to something that will actually help people.

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Activists open gay meeting center

I too support this addition to our community, which I believe is more full of free-thinking and intelligent people than the typical vindy thread would lead us to believe. I'm glad to see so many of these free-thinkers sharing their voices here.

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Pastor who helped insert ‘under God’ in pledge dies

Good story! Now maybe all of those uninformed people who claim that "under God" was put in the pledge by "the founding fathers" will gain a better understanding of history. It's interesting that the man primarily responsible for influencing this alteration of the pledge was a Scot, who argued that "under God" would help us distinguish ourselves from the "Muscovites." Food for thought.

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Billboard ladies keep Christ in Christmas

Promote Christ in Christmas through deeds, not billboards.

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Piercings keep husband of student out of dances

You're right metz, and I apologize for my part in it. Actually, I agree mostly with your take on this story. It seems that a whole lot of character judgments are being attached to a young man's facial piercings.

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Billboard ladies keep Christ in Christmas

I admire the women's passion, but I don't believe that the hand of Christ is at work in spending $6000 on signs. If these women wanted to "help others," they could have used the money to provide meals, energy assistance, help with medical bills; even scholarships for theology school would have been better. Spending $6000 on signs is grossly wasteful, especially during a time when people are hurting in real ways. That is the issue, not whether or not one works on Christmas, not why or by whom our nation was founded, or "anything else." It is not "tearing down the season" to point out that purchasing billboard space is not the same as real, true, compassionate know, the kind Christ called for.

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