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'Go after it!’ Mancini tells Chaney grads of their dreams

What a great role model to follow. Words could not be truer said from Ray. It's great to have you back in the city. Thanks for making yourself available and accessible to the youths and graduates. JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!

Let's talk the fighting profession and giving credit where credit is due. I was surprised that you (Ray) ranked Floyd Mayweather the 40 best ever. Now come on Ray, He's the best that I've seen. The last time I knew , the art of fighting is hit the opponent and not be hit. Floyd has fought the best in the world and won. Give him his due. Better than Sugar Ray, Thomas Hearns, Aaron Pryor, Alexis Alugero, Livingston Bramble. You do remember Livingston Bramble don't you? My point is don't hate. Give credit where credit is due. You are way off base in this one. And I am truly surprised that you would not give credit where credit is due. He is not 40-0, 41-0 for nothing.

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Are you confident in the leadership in Mahoning County government?

whenever was the leadership good? All businesses move to Boardman. No tax base for the city. The new East High School. What a joke. It's embarrassing to see the finished product. The practice field in front of the high school. The lawn? What lawn !!! I see weeds. No where else would that be tolerated. Very disgusting. Would this happen anywhere else? The citizens of Youngstown accept anything.

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Youngstown marchers protest shootings of unarmed black men

borylie, a wall? Been exposed quit a bit. Been to many, many countries and I'm not talking about in the service. Never been in the military. Not that anything is wrong with that. Read 4 newspapers daily. Worked for several fortune 500 companies etc,etc,etc. Ran divisions and regions. Better role your sleeves up before you come at me.

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Youngstown marchers protest shootings of unarmed black men

borylie my man, I'm a little tried and have to focus on some other things and thoughts. I hope you've learned a thing or two. But then again, I'll never know. Have a great day. By the way, what do you do for a living? DON'T LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Youngstown marchers protest shootings of unarmed black men


First and foremost we need to rid this country of racist people. We know that's not going to happen. Let's start there. If you think the playing field is level broylie than you really need a lesson on the history of this country more than I thought. And that's the reason why I asked YOU. What can whites do to improve race relations with blacks. Through all the blogs that I have read, I've never read from any of you Europeans any comments on race baiters like Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Bill OReilly, Rudy Giuliliani, and the likes. Let's start there. Try this on for size borylie, I have a very good friend Attorney @ law who is European, said to me, quote I know many policemen and I can tell you through my years of practicing law the majority of them are racist towards minoritys. I asked why, his quote is because they can be without any retaliations. I am the law right or wrong. And I will use it the way I see fit. And you ask me what can blacks do to help in relationships with this kind of preconceived madness? Don't ask me no simple question like that. Do your own fence mending.

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Youngstown marchers protest shootings of unarmed black men

joey hubbard, what are you doing to make a difference? It seems as though all of your focus is on the black community as if you don't have issue's in your own!!!!! And you do quit a bit if the media focuses on it.


My question to you is what can Europeans do to improve race relationships?


Kind of closed minded don't you think. As i stop at stop lights I hear and see young whites blasting music, wearing their pants below the belt line. Wearing Jordans etc. You see its a society problem. Why do europeans always give a pass to themselves and focus on others. What happens in other races surely happens in yours. Its where the media puts their focus to portary others as unlawful and disrespectful. Though it may have some merit. Do not sit back and point fingers at others lets start in your own back yard

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Youngstown marchers protest shootings of unarmed black men

niles ohio or niley, your precentage may have some merit but,I doubt it.

Oviets. Al Sharpton !!!!!!!!!! Give me a break. The Rev speak the truth. Maybe you mean Rus the Lim don't you.

borylie, all whites are not spineless!!!!!!!!!!!

Joefrom Hubbard. Maybe we all can learn from the past.Why don't you preach that to some of the folks on this blog.

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Youngstown marchers protest shootings of unarmed black men

Here you all go again!!!! First of all there are more white people who break the law. There are more white on white murders in this country than blacks. The racist media portrays people of color the wrong way. They print negativity all the time while they give you Europeans a pass. The police who are hired are racist (not all but quit a few), KKK, skin heads who shave and cover their tattoos. Come on you all think outside your racist bubble.
Look at your own history, you raped black women, you massacred a whole race of people(Indians) put them on reservations and you want to talk about others. Look in the mirror. Your history tells a different story. Nick Saban, the Coach at Alabama said it all and spoke the truth. Read up on it. Yet you get on this blog and talk crazy. It just shows who you are and what you are. Please, think before you speak(write). Not a lot of forethought from you. But here again this is what cowards do. I cringe at your comments. There is good and bad in all races. I don't know where your coming from but than again I don't you do either. May God bless and have mercy on you and give you the strength not to hate. But I know, for some of you it's worthless. Have a God Blessed day!!!!!!!!!!

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Valley black leaders say discussion on race needed

Youngstown citizens views at its finest. As i read your thoughts, your rants, your racist comments, I would love to meet and sit with each and everyone of you. It is SAID that real men stand for something, most of the comments stand for nothing. Not very well thought out, think that you are better than someone and your not. You have the time to respond, hide behind your writings. Though your comments and free speech is the fabric of this society, it also tells a lot about YOU the person. And, I must say I am truly amused. I read this blog for laughter. How ignorant you people are. Not all but a lot of you. Your comments have no merit. You are truly a troubled, not happy with yourself or your life. So this is what you resort to. This is how you vent, let your racist views come to the forefront. YOU ALL ARE COWARDS. KEEP IT COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Police: Boardman man’s slaying followed night of drugs, porn

Its a shame and terrible when anyone takes his own life. Did this happen in Boardman? My point is, if it happened in Youngstown, kind words would not be used in describing this event. No sympathetic words. I wonder Why and Why not. Just food for thought Y-towners.

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