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rumppy (anonymous) says...

Being from the Yo and reading the comments for the last several years, makes me realize that the area is in bad shape and so are the people living there. Some of or most of the comments are awful and full of hate, fear. Though i must say, it is a need to do something about the state of Youngstown. JOBS,JOBS,JOBS, EMPLOYMENT. AS LONG AS THERE ARE NO JOBS, WE ALL ARE AT RISK. No tax base, no police officers. You cannot run and hide. Live in the suburbs and think that you are safe? The suburbs have drugs in schools. Even more than in the city. Take your HEADS out of your A--. Why is there no comments or less comments when there is a white collar crime? I don't read very many comments or any. That tells me a little about you all. I would like to meet all of you in person. Its easy to hide behind a computor and make comments. To make a difference, don't talk the talk, walk it. You see, you won't cowards. Big negative talk, no action. Youngstowns finest. And i am not excluding the suburbs.

December 29, 2010 at 10:19 a.m. reply suggest removal