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Mom decries sentence to ex who burned, abused her baby

For over a year I have publicly been silent about what happened to my granddaughter. I have been quiet as I watched her lying motionless in the hospital day after day. As she tried to sit on her bottom but it was too painful because of her burns, and as she tried to say "mommy" but it just didn't come out quite right.
At the same time I was trying to be strong for my daughter. Telling her that the court system will do their job and give this monster what he deserves. We waited and waited-- patiently and not so patiently until the day came. The day that I thought my granddaughter's precious little voice would be heard. But that didn't happen. Her voice was not heard by the one person that could show us that this day was worth all of the pain of the last year. This 4 year sentence imposed by Judge Lou D'Apolito is unbelievable to me.
I regret today that I put so much faith in the past 15 months that justice would be served.

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