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No cause for alarm over radioactive drilling waste

Check out the articles by Ian Urbina in the New York Times. They found radiation from the gas well waste in a sewage plant that was so strong, the feces from city waste water in Pennsylvania that would not break down because the radiation had killed all the bacteria. We can't be sure what level of radiation is where with gas wells. It can vary, but radiation from wells becomes more concentrated as liquids condense out into salts. This needs a lot more investigation, but it is nothing to fool around with. Scientists say that there really is NO safe level of radiation. The more we are exposed to, the more likely we are to suffer mutations that lead to cancer. And, if "brine" from gas wells is spread on roads, it will dry out and radioactive dust particles from it can be breathed in by humans. Finally, ODNR has not revamped its NORM standards for about 20 years, even though the interstate advisory group, NORMAL, had recommended that they do so. So again, we see, ODNR is NOT prepared to protect the public.

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