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Police probe city's 17th homicide

listen i work at the coconut and there is no drug activity going on in side of the bar its a shame this bar gets so much negative feed back when most of the bars on south ave have a regular drug dealer in them every night.and all the kid was there for was takeout he never orderd a drink besides pop or water.and there are drugs everywhere not just youngstown.

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New taxes on tobacco to burn big hole in consumers’ pockets

They should try taxing alchole for once and leave the smokers alone for a change..I feel if people want to make tons of kids they should have a job to raise those kids not tax payer that pay for there welfare..

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What should the federal government do with General Motors?

They are the one who got there self into this mess by demanding more and more money for there employes Suffer..No other company is getting bailed out why gm they make to much money as it is for what.Other people in this vally would be happy to make 10.00 an hour but they need 20.00 plus that is a crock.

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Knee-Deep in debate

if parents would watch there children maybe there would not be so many deaths.all these rules and we are suposed to be a free country bull crap..

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VIDEO| Dog owner wants answers from cops

In my opinon the guy is lucky i wasnt the cop i would have shot the dogs.You want the dogs make sure they cant get loose.

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Reminder: City’s new pit bull law takes effect Saturday

its about time they do something about those son got bit by one 4 months ago and it was the neighbors family dog.guess who pain the bill me cuz there was no insurance in the if someone is paying attention hopefully no one elses child will be attacted

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