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Words, maturity lacking at finish

I find it quite amusing that not one person of those who commented actually heard the remarks and as far as I can tell neither did the reporter for the Athens area. This reporting and comments were from 2nd and 3rd hand sources. I think the many comments about this article goes directly to the Vindicator's story. One should be careful what they say or print when one does not hear the comments first hand. Trimble won the game and their players acted with dignity. I could address the issue with your coaching staff but why it serves no purpose. Remember it is fun to celebrate and have fun, but also sportsmanship is not to be trampled in the process. The Mohawk Mafia also may not be the Most Appropriate Name just saying. Working with Coach Hake over the last four years, he has always been a pleasure and more than anything, Coach Hake has always been respectful and honorable in all his work with myself.

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Trimble, giveaways oust W. Reserve

It seems as though alot of what was supposedly said by Coach Hake was either told 2nd or 3rd hand if you did no hear it I would be very cautious as to what one writes. Coach Hake has always and continues to be a very honorable young man.

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