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Mahoning commissioners seeking opinion on dissolving port authority board

The position of Western Reserve Port Authority Board Member is time comsuming and unpaid. These people volunteer their time and expertise for nothing more than to be of assistance to the Port Authorty and the community. When someone comes in with an agenda for their own advancement, be it for monetary or reputation, they force a wedge between themselves, the Board, the commissioners and the whole communty. Not to mention, progress and advancements cease to be the main focus. When this behavior is allowed to continue, the "respected" members choose to leave; and who can blame them. They did NOT except this position to be beaten up. The cummunity leaders have continued to turn a blind eye to this flaw over and over and over. Many talented and intelligent Board Members and Staff have been lost, however, it's never too late to clean house. Commissioners, I implore you to please do your homework and make sure that you are cleaning the right corners!

May 28, 2014 at 9:19 a.m. suggest removal