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Frick & Frack are back

God save us from narcissistic self important hippies. I generally criticize Bertram's columns, but not this one. Job well done Sir!

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Trump preys on our fears

This election has come down to arguing over which crap sandwich tastes better. I've spent most of my adult life despising the lying, cheating, stealing, anything for power Clintons. Never will vote for her. Don't know if I can vote for Trump either. His tariffs are economic insanity, and his currency positions are mis-informed at best, Clintonian at worst. This is what Hope and Change hath wrought.

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Sciortino’s sentence for personal use of county’s computers fitting

The "everybody does it" defense has never set well with me, whether it's here or with the HildaBeast and her homebrew email server.

However, Judge "Excuse Me While I Double Dip at The Public Trough" Cosgrove's sentence still strikes me as unusually harsh. I don't believe she based her sentence on the matter that was before her. I believe she ordered incarceration because she felt the defendant should have done time in the Oakhill case. That's the most logical explanation.

I don't, for one minute, believe the sentence will prevent a single county worker from using county equipment for personal purposes. I also fail to see how society is served by her sentence. From all appearances Sciortino is turning his life around. Hopefully some good comes of this and he's able to help others while he's there.

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Ex-Mahoning Auditor Sciortino sentenced to 4-6 months in halfway house

I had no idea that politicians are clearly substantially better people than donut shop managers. Thank you Judge Cosgrove for the education. However, I still think that a strong case can be made that someone who provides coffee to those of us who work for a living gives more to society than a career politician who's stealing from the taxpayers by "retiring", drawing her pension, then continuing to work. She scoffs at good working people while bellying up to the public trough. Some also might applaud Mike for having the humility to do good honest work and provide for his family. Just my 3 cents.

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Auditor: Oakhill won’t bankrupt the county

"Oakhill won't bankrupt the County". Talk about damning by faint praise. Anyone else wondering if Bertam is hard at work on a column about County mismanagement and waste of taxpayer money for Sunday? No? Me neither.

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Duke of GOP hazard

An absolute new low, even by your standards. There are soo many areas of legitimate criticism of Trump, and This is what you come up with? Unbelievable.

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The Oakhill investigation isn’t over, a prosecutor says

Being a conservative and abhorring what the Democrats have done to this area, I have to admit to really wanting the State's allegations to be true and proven. However, as this case has progressed (and progressed, and progressed) a couple of things became apparent: 1) Buying Southside Hospital was a very poor investment of tax dollars. It's a money pit that's going to continue sucking tax dollars. It never should have been purchased. 2) While not buying it may have been in the Cafaro's interest, where was the evidence of a bribe, at least as far as McNally and Scirontino? All the State ever alleged was that they got legal representation. The State never proved it and obviously believed their case was weak, or else they would have never offered the plea bargain. But, let's assume for the sake of argument that Cafaros did offer free legal services. Free legal services for what? To fight Gain's witch hunt? Would that be incentive to join an illegal conspiracy? I think not.

The Mahoning County Democratic party is full of crooks. That's what happens any time one party is in control unopposed. But I do not believe that McNally and Sciortino are crooks. I think they pissed Gains off when they opposed his goombas relative to the ill advised purchase. When you cross Gains there is hell to pay.

Ever wonder why Gains attended sentencing in Cleveland yesterday? Why was he there, doesn't he have better things to do? Couldn't he have sent one of his underlings? I believe he was there in hopes of seeing his political enemies crushed. No wonder he "appeared agitated" when the sentences were handed down.

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Betras displays courage

I have no feelings on the Cafaros one way or the other. I do believe that the decision to purchase Oakhill has cost, and will continue to cost Mahoning County taxpayers millions. Why has the Vindicator not done any investigative journalism?

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Betras displays courage

And the latest news today is that there is a problem with the water in the building. All drinking fountains turned off.

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Betras displays courage

And the latest news today is that there is a problem with the water in the building. All drinking fountains turned off. Have you ever, even for a moment, considered that maybe the "puppets" were exercising sound judgment in opposing the purchase of this money pit?

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