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Dignitaries conducted a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday at the Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Autho

I being a close friend of Ms, Nieves was upset to read the rude, and out of line comments, to what was a happy day for my friend. People can be so judgemental and sooo wrong at the same time. My friend is the sweets person you will ever meet. She works hard to take care of her family; thats right I said works.....She was so happy to get her apartment that she does pay rent for...even though thats none of anyones business. Just like you, she does get taxes taken out of her paycheck for which you might say she also help pay her taxes to get her self into gettin that apartment. If you dont know someone personally you should keep your rude, outlandish comments to yourself cause it make your comments sound ignorant, like they are! My friends personal business isn't yours! the city of youngstown was proud to reopen Brier Hill and thought that my friend was a good, hard-working, single parent who deserve to be recongized as so! that's why they didn't pick anyone you knew (like you, your mother, sister, cousin, or any of your family members) so I'm guess that's why you all post such ignorant comments because you're so upset, and jealous that she was pick. Get your facts straight when commenting on someone you don't know anything about. As far as her tatoo you don't know whether it was a gift or if she got that when she was younger, but what did that have to do with her getting the apartment.....nothing! There was also a comment about the father....just because he wasn't mention doesn't mean he isn't present! But again that's none of your business and what does it matter to you, are you going to help with her! mine your business!!!!

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