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Police defend K-9 in attack on 8-year-old

lilgandee: This is not an "honest mistake" It is appalling negligence and poor judgment by a cop who should have known better; a fact completely ignored by this two bit, arrogant police force. It is a miracle that this kid wasn't badly injured. It wasn't an "accident". I'm sure nothing will happen to this poor example of police officer, but make no mistake about it. It was completely the officer's fault and there is no excuse for it.
If that was my kid I'd be camping out at the city attorney's office until proper remedial action was take by the city.
The police response to this near tragedy is childish and irresponsible. Shame on you, Rusnak. Grow up.

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Police defend K-9 in attack on 8-year-old

This is absolutely galling. Not one word from these cops regarding the stupidity and bad judgment from this clown who was handling the dog. Not a word. Do these clowns in blue costumes ever admit it when they screw up? This is an outrage and it's extremely lucky that this kid wasn't badly injured. If this had been a mere mundane citizens dog, that dog would no doubt be destroyed and the owner charged. I guess the law doesn't apply to cops. Horrible.

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