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Robbers hold baby at gunpoint in Campbell

I've got a better suggestion for women to carry instead of pepper spray or wasp spray. Ruger LCP. Might cost a bit more than pepper spray, but it'll actually get the job done, and can be concealed just about anywhere.

Of course, I'd prefer something at least 9mm... I like the Glock 26, personally. Those little .380 pocket guns kick something fierce.

Also, I'd stick with the pepper spray over the wasp spray. A good whiff of pepper spray can be effectively debilitating. Wasp spray is pretty mild by comparison. Try it yourself - squirt some pepper spray into a box and see how close you can get. Make sure you let it air out well afterwards - if you put that box in your trash can, your garbage man is going to be ticked when he opens it.

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Warren residents asked to help cops

How about police-sponsored self-defense and/or concealed carry classes? Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day; teach him to fish and he'll never go hungry. Stop trying to give people freedom from violent crime, and start teaching them to do it for themselves.

Teach people the difference between vigilante justice and self defense, and give them the training to defend themselves.

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Robbers hold baby at gunpoint in Campbell

No, she doesn't need to move. Whether she was living there or someone else, scumbags would have broken into that house. I don't care if you live in a mansion or a cardboard box - that's not right.

A gun on every floor is a good start, but it's only a start. A gun on every hip is better. Ohio is a "shall issue" state - if you don't have a violent criminal record and no judge has ever declared you insane, a concealed carry permit is yours for the asking, allowing you to carry a gun just about anywhere in the state.

I do NOT advocate vigilante justice, but EVERYONE should have the training and tools to end violent crime at their leisure, not at the perpetrator's choosing. Until a significant number of people choose to do this, we will continue to face significant levels of violent crime.

What would be really useful would be police-sponsored self defense and firearms training classes. The job of the police is to investigate crime; it's the citizen's responsibility to stop an attack against them. Police can't be everywhere, as much as they'd like to be. They do a great job with what they've got, but the only people who could decide whether that baby lived or died were in that room, and the only one who could make that choice was the guy holding the gun.

Thankfully, the criminal chose to let the baby live, but he never should have been allowed to make that choice. He should have been put in the hospital or the morgue the MOMENT he presented an immediate threat to the well being of the woman or her baby.

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Block watch comes through

Three kids in custody? This isn't a happy ending. There were 7 to 9 to begin with. Where are the other 4 to 6?

Now, I'm going to come off as a proponent of vigilante justice, or some neo-conservative nutcase - I'm not. There is a distinct line between defense (self-defense or defense-of-others) and vigilante justice, and I am firmly on the "defense" side of that line. Keep that in mind when you read this:

The kid who pulled the gun shouldn't have made it back to his house. He committed an act of violence - the threat of lethal force - and he should not have had the chance to end the engagement on his own terms. He should have been stopped, then and there, on the victim's terms, not the perpetrator's. The man, the woman, and the block-watch member should have used sufficient force to stop the attack. That kid should have several bullet holes in his chest, and either be in the hospital or the morgue.

Again: defense - not vigilante justice. As long as there is an immediate threat, you are justified in using force to stop that threat. Once the immediate threat is stopped, there is no further justification to continue to respond with potentially lethal force.

As long as we act like targets; as long as we are OK with others using greater force than we allow ourselves to use, we will remain victims, and our neighborhoods will remain crime-ridden. As long as we rely on others - like police and block-watch members - to protect us, we will remain victims. It is not until we take personal responsibility for ending immediate threats of violence that we stop being victims.

I urge everyone to learn legally and morally acceptable responses to violence; to participate in self-defense training; to become proficient in the safe and LAWFUL use of firearms; to obtain a Concealed Handgun License; to carry a firearm, legally and responsibly; to take responsibility for ensuring their own safety against the threat of criminal violence; and to urge friends, family members, and neighbors to do all of these things.

Police don't stop crime. Police investigate crime. We will NOT have safe neighborhoods until WE choose to make them safe; until WE stop any violent crime that occurs on our watch.

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