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Austintown woman in serious condition after motorcycle crash

Once again, a load of bullcrap. Shannon and bob dated before I (savannah) was born. But when I was born he bailed and wantted nothing to do with us. Lady, don't post something if every bit of your information is wrong. End of story

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Austintown woman injured in Wednesday motorcycle accident dies

I suggest people don't say things about stuff they don't know. Shannon was never married to bob, don't give up? He did that long ago. Shannon was a single mother her & her daughters whole life with no supporrt of bob. Bob was never in the childs life. In all honesty, I suggest you contact the family and find out the truth before posting a loaded bullcrap comment. The nerve some people have. & how do I know all of this? Because I'm shannons daugther savannah. My mother was an amazing woman who didn't need a man in her life & sure as heck had no support from one (a.k.a) bob. He never raised me& he never will. Give him no credit. Its truely horrible my mama had to suffer through that horrible accident, but she loved that bike more then anything.. So atleast she went happy. As well for those of you bikers or non bikers, a memorial run will be held august 22nd at the ice house in.registration starts at 10, first bike out at 1145.

As well as all of this goes, rest in peace & raise all hell up there in heaven mommy, you are & will be TERRIBLY missed by soooo many people, I love you & ride on mama <3

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