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Traficant: Star of the sideshow

Thank you, Bertrand, for having the courage to write this piece. Your constant reminder - at least to those in this community who are still grounded in reality - that we should be forever vigilant of the venomous snakes twisting in our midst, is greatly appreciated.
~Rev. El Mundo

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Assault witness says Hagan was belligerant one

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February 10, 2010 at 12:44 p.m.

Bishop Murry and pastor console saddened, shocked parishioners

“Faith and reason are in harmony,” Father Maturi said. “When something unreasonable happens, it reverberates in faith. People of faith are more attuned when something unreasonable or senseless happens because it goes against reason.”

Seriously, does this make sense to ANY non-comatose person reading this?

And once again, Lionis fails to address the question "WHY," as in "why would the family not want to hold services for this poor woman at St. Dom's (where she attended her entire life)."

Lionis is really good at quoting the non-sensical blatherings of church "holy men" but rotten at asking the basic questions expected of a professional journalist.

Perfect for the Vindy though.
~Rev. El Mundo

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Struthers church secedes from Presbytery

You know what I find most interesting about the reporting of this story at the Christocater?
1) The Christocater chose a person that has already proven hersel to be better suited to writing religious dribble for the paper than a hard news story and
2) Not once in the article did said known religious apologist (OK, I'm being kind) answer the most basic of journalistic questions - WHY!

The paper makes this the top story on their headline page and the "reporter" does nothing to pursue one of the most basic responsibilities of a journalist - to report WHY!

And they're very proud of their daily rag.

It's beautiful, isn't it?
~Rev. El Mundo

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Strength to endure life’s trials grounded in faith

Surely I'm not the only person in the Valley that views this Lordi "contribution" as solid evidence as to why we should maintain a strong mental health agency in the county.

It's simply astounding to see the Christocater continually publish this kind of infantile, fundamentalist nonsense.

Thomas, Sowell and Lordi..... the Christocater's holy trinity of lunacy.
~Rev. El Mundo,

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Raid uncovers sophisticated growing operation

Let's see if I understand this correctly: The area's major crimes task force conducted a year-long investigation of this "operation" and this is crime they considered worthy of their time and resources?

Oh, yea, sanity reigns in the Valley all right.
Rev, El Mundo

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Ushering in Christmas

To Mr. Mundy,

What did expect from a paper that publish pictures of medieval religious ritual, high school football games and pictures of their favorite convicted felon on its headlines pages, quotes from scripture, a two-page spread of religious nonsense every Friday and tons of references to religious practices and asinine superstition from all parts of the globe, excerpts from the works of Voltaire and Hobbs?

Get serious. The simple-minded buffoons that run this paper think the Enlightenment was a communist conspiracy, or at least a liberal one. Asking them to temper their obsession with their sky god is tantamount to asking them to forego breathing. You're wasting your time.
~Rev. El Mundo

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Pride Youngstown plans drag show downtown

I wondered how this article might have made it into the Christocator's pages and then I suddenly figured it out. The saintly people behind the editing desk think the event has something to do with hot rods and drag racing.

I'm fairly confident this is the explanation.

Rev. El Mundo,

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Some not-so-expert do’s and don’ts for traveling in D.C.


"Anger?" In typical fashion of Vindy writers and editors, you obviously perceive everything that spotlights the inanity found in its pages as "anger" and hostility. I suppose it is a big stretch to assume that when one exposes the blantant inanity of anything published in your pages the first thing is to believe that maybe, just maybe, the writer will engage in a little self-examination of their words and/or ideas. No, it's obviously much easier to cast dispersions of the one who merely exposes said stupidity.

You have a problem with my selection of the word, "asinine?" Ummm. What would you have preferred? "Stupid?" Ridiculous? "Senseless?" "Absurd?" "Factuos?" "Daffy?" Dopey?" Given the possible choices, I would think that you would consider the word, "asinine" to be the least condeming.

Let's examine just a couple of your "Dos and Don'ts." They're fairly representative of the entire pile.

"U Do not tempt yourself with the snacks in the hotel room."

"U Do eat breakfast at the Lincoln Waffle House."

"U Do not wonder why an exhibit at the Smithsonian that touts the wonders of insects in our world is sponsored by Orkin."

"U Do not be too alarmed by the drunk, homeless guys."

"U Do stop by U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan’s congressional office for a visit and possibly some tour help. You get free mini-Constitution booklets... "

"U Do hit the Smithsonians. They’re free."

Seriously, do you still want to defend yourself against my charge of asininity?

Get serious, Todd. Take a good hard look at your writing, grow a little skin and resist being so defensive of the criticism that comes your way. There's a reason why the Vindy struggles to maintain its readership and the so-called "contributions" that we read under your name on 8/8/09 is one of them.

"Asinine" and "illogical" are probably the best (and most tender) evaluations that can be made of them.
~Rev. El

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Some not-so-expert do’s and don’ts for traveling in D.C.

Let me see if I understand Franko correctly.

He starts off by saying:
"I’m not a travel writer.

And I’m not really a traveler. I’ve been as far north as Ottawa, Ontario, and as far south as Fort Lauderdale. I’ve been only as far west to the sand hills of Nebraska, and as far east as the waters off Cape Ann, Mass."

After listing a variety of asinine "Dos and Don'ts" for DC-bound travelers, he then concludes with:

"D.C. reminds you in every step, even in the grittiest or most impoverished points, that despite our many, many shortcomings, we do live in the most fascinating country on Earth."

So, he admits that he's not a "travel writer." He then readily admits to traveling just about nowhere. But, he concludes that this country is "the most fascinating" on the planet.

Oh yea, I think this piece makes it pretty clear why he's the Christocator's Editor in Chief.

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