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Lordstown police dispatcher fired

Miki, how soon we forget the firing of the 911 dispatcher for sleeping....hmmmm must have short term memory issues. And since you brought it up let's look at the other areas of incompetence of the 911 center. Failing to take warrants out of the system and then attempting to cover it up and blame other PSAPs and then the person gets arrested on a warrant that shouldn't exist. Not knowing their own areas and continuously transferring calls to the wrong departments when its your OWN because you are not knowledgeable about your areas. I could continue, but the article isn't about the 911 Center's incompetence, that could take up the entire local section. But, I would like to note that their are some dispatchers there who do care about their job and do a good job. But overall, you get what you pay for.

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Ohio gov expects union bill will pass, become law

Taxpayers are not going to win, Kasich wants you to think that through all his rhetoric but hurting working class people, and by that I mean Police, Fire, Teachers etc. is going to negatively affect everyone. Just wait until you need services from one of these entities, its not going to be there and there will be corruption by the politicians in charge of the Police because they will be at the mercy of the politician. So you will be cited, charged etc. but not the council member's family. Be ready its not going to be pretty.

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Use-it-or-lose-it provision necessary for public sector

All this babbling is fine and dandy, I still say Union members should take a stand and boycott all goods and services which are provided by non union businesses. Let's see how well they fair. Remember, we all pay for things and part of the cost is to pay for benefits and wages of the employee. When your child is sitting in a classroom filled with 40 kids and not learning anything, then remember you supported senate bill 5. Everyone needs to realize that this bill will affect them. Also, expect more traffic tickets and don't complain when you get one, because Law Enforcement will be writing them to merit their pay, as spoken by Kasich himself. You know the guy who called the Officer an idiot for writing him a ticket. In addition, don't expect the politicians family members to be cited or charged for crimes because the Officers will be at their will and no one wants to lose their job. You want corrupt well, things are gonna get UGLY!

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‘You’re damn right I ordered the raises’

My son in law works for Mahoning County Sheriff's Department and has been with the department for 17 years. He only made 35,000 last year with all that experience. I would like to know what private sector worker only makes that much after 17 years in their job. As far as the PERS pick up maybe you should get your facts on what that really is. My son in law pays his own just like a 401k in the private sector when the employer matches. Lower the cost of the goods and quit matching 401k's. Remember as taxpayers, we are paying for services and part of that cost pays for the people who do the service. Just like when the public employee buys something. The cost is inflated to cover the wages of the private company employees and their benefits. My son in law pays for his healthcare, his retirement and his uniforms which are quite expensive, alot more than a business suit on sale. Maybe all the Union employees both private and public should stop buying goods at non union companies. Then they can lose their jobs and have layoffs and shut downs so they can feel what its like. I'm tired of the whining private sector employees had a choice of what job to do, and if you think police officers have it so easy try their job for a week. You'll probably go running back to your private sector job with your tail between your legs!!

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Kasich sings praises of 'Idol' contestants

How professional! He is supposed to be doing his job but to take the focus off how much he is going to F*** up this State he talks about Idol!! He's an "IDIOT"!!

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Ohio gov expects union bill will pass, become law

I have always said that the people should vote on issues and the politicians who work for the people should carry out what we, their bosses, tell them to do. We the people and bosses of the politicians should get to vote on their wages, health care, work hours and and everything else in their "benefit" package. The problem with all of them is they think they are Gods when really they are just public employees who work for us. They want to ruin working people's lives but yet give their assistant a $40,000.00 raise. What say do we have in it?? NONE!! Talk about tax dollars NOT at work, that's our politicians. Leave the working class people alone and go after the politicians!

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Police deserve more respect

First of all most law enforcement are state or local employees not federal employees. As far as your statistics go, the average private sector employee makes $60,046.00. Well statistics also show that the average salary for Police/Sheriff's Deputies is $46,083.00. Do the math, and they put their lives on the line for people like you and me who aren't willing to be injured or die for someone else. In addition, most are required to have a college degree now in addition to their specialized training. I can also tell you that some of the Sheriff's Deputies I know from Mahoning County this past year barely made over $32,000.00 after being with the Department for 17 years. So maybe you should do your research!

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Police deserve more respect

Yes, Fox people do deserve respect and yes they chose that job and should be compensated for it. Remember they are people too and they deserve respect. It seems like its okay that they chose that job but are bashed for receiving any type of deserved compensation and criticized for any benefits received. Yet, those who criticize that Police Officers receive too much chose to do whatever job they do. Shouldn't they have to live with that decision?? Its seems to me there is a double standard.

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