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Ryan, other leaders pen support for Tressel's YSU candidacy

I served 12 years on a board of education. Although not a College Board, the basics of the business are the same, only larger and more complicated. If Jim Tressel was interested in taking the helm at my district, I would not hesitate in hiring him. On my board and in private industry, I have hired many people in my career from top to bottom. I can see that Jim Tressel has excellent CEO qualities. He would be able to take his YSU team, add to it where necessary and lead the university. Let's face it, he is no stranger to the college campus of America; hell he was raised on one and continued his career on some of the best college campuses. I truly believe that he could head almost any organization in American and it would be successful. For the academia's, look past the football man and focus on his presidential skills. YSU is Jim Tressel and I truly believe his hiring, if he is interested would be a great move by the board.

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