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Police chief surprised by violence after black officer killed black man

The idiots probably burned businesses in their own neighborhood.

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Biden: Trump is ‘thoroughly unqualified’ for presidency

Joe Biden, the clown that told Katie Curic in a interview that Franklin Roosevelt went on TV and assured the people that everything would be OK when the stock market fell. Two minor problems in that statement:

1) Roosevelt was not president at the time.

2) There were no TV's yet.

Joe Baffoon was not qualified to be a page let alone VP!

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Report raises new Obamacare concerns over Affordable Care Act

You would have to be pretty naive to think this was not gonna cost the taxpayers.

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99 people shot in Chicago in one week

"Black lives Matter", except maybe to other blacks.

Be interesting to know what the ratio of shootings was black versus white. Something tells me that leaving that data point out was not by accident.

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Delegates from Valley are eager to make history

Once the libitards elected a muslim it said that anything was possible.

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Man gives no info

As a followup to the "I ain't no snitch" article, there is another shooting already scheduled.

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Federal suit claims Chevrolet falsely and deceptively marketed its Cruze Diesel as a “clean vehicle”

How dare they accuse Guberment Motors of doing anything wrong!

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Stabbing in South Side tavern critically injures man

Well NKA (National Knife Association) do we really need more knives?

Sorry couldn't help it after yesterday's NRA comment!

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Two dead in biker dispute

myopisme, don't forget to vote for Monica Lewinsky's former boyfriend's wife in November.

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A church acquaintance turned into an especially devious predator

Don't be so harsh, she has a gambling addiction, it is not her fault.

Wonder if that will be her defense, it is about all that she has.

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