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gmann415 (anonymous) says...

hey whats up? am i a racist no not at all. just got a question for you beings you mentioned it. think of this just for for awhile and ket me know what you think. okay haere it is. you got a white guy who commits a crime against a black person and you have every civil rights group known to man out there with al sharpton and jessy jackson leading the herd right? they want answers and they want them now. okay now you got a black man who commits crimes against white people, who do we have? no one. now with that being said. but my question is this, where is all of these civil rights people at to demand answers from their own people as to why they are killing eachother. and why arent they trying to put a stop to it? im not a racist its just something that everyone sees everyday.

April 18, 2009 at 5:46 a.m. reply suggest removal