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Overall, most Americans dislike Congress; Obama's rating is up

Well, all I can say is, "General Motors is Alive and Osama Bin Ladem is Dead!

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Community leaders upset with Youngstown school plan proposal

Too many people trying to run the show. No one can agree on anything. The students get cheated in the end. Parents should get involved early and stay involved. Make sure your kid learns to read, write, and do arithmetic. Encourage them to read and write book reports on what they are reading (English). Do some basic math problems (Arithmetic) instead of watching tv and playing video games all day. My grandmother used to say, " those people on tv and those who made those video games got theirs. You got to get yours." This may give them a head start on what's to come in class and if they have problems learning the material, they may have time correct them and improve rather than be left behind.

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Five YSU football players cited for underage drinking

Why would people blame Jim tressel for this? Rules are rules. They knew what they were doing was wrong. Let them face the consequences and move on.

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Three Mill Creek Park lakes closed

Republican Rick.....So the "poor people" are responsible for the sewage leaking in what is supposed to be a public park used for summer recreation by all? Your ignorant remarks puzzle me. You must be a Donald Trump supporter or maybe you can't sleep now that the Confederate flag has met its long overdue fate in this county.

This is some BS. The people running this system should have known of this problem before it got this bad. People have been fishing in this lake all summer not knowing it was polluted, and probably has been so for a long time. This should have never happened. The powers that be rather spend time killing geese than keeping the lakes clean.

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Cruze sales down 20 percent, up 8 percent overall

People who are not intelligent enough to differentiate between a recall due to an engineering defect and one due to an improperly installed part, which these recalls are NOT the result of, should not comment and disgrace the hard union workers who work on the assembly line. You guys are anti-union folk needing something to grumble and moan about who jump to conclusions placing blame on the wrong group.

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Here’s how minimum-wage earners can save $125,000

Just go to work if you can get a job and don't eat too much, maybe become a vegetarian and grow your own food. Don't buy a car, not even a used one because you won't be able to afford the payment, let alone the insurance. Shop at all the Goodwill stores for you won't be able to afford to look at Walmart let alone shop there. And cancel ALL other activities like going out to the movies, dining out, attending sports events, etc...because well, you'll be working at minimum wage in order reach this goal.

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Rapper indicted in Atlanta on gun charges

Lock em up shawty!

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Dogs rescued from South Side home get TLC at Animal Charity

The abuser should receive the same treatment. What an idiot!

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Shot fired as Family Dollar store robbed Tuesday

These stores should have an armed security guard at all times. These companies put these stores in these high crime areas should know they are gonna get hit sooner or later. If I was the cashier, I would've gave them the whole cash register and a few candy bars to go along with it.

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Cruze sales down 50 percent compared to a year ago

They are still selling so what's the big deal.

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